About Us:

Our Mission to Redefine Interior Elegance

Our story

The Inspirational Journey of Surfaces Furnishing Group

Founded in 1993 in the dynamic hub of Dubai, Surfaces Furnishing Group
has evolved into a distinguished leader in interior solutions. From flooring to
rugs, curtains, and office furnishings, we’ve crafted a legacy of creativity and
excellence. Our mission is simple yet profound — to transcend the ordinary,
curating spaces that blend innovation, craftsmanship, and sustainability.
Welcome to our world, where each project is a chapter in our story of
redefining elegance in interior design.

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Our values

Our Core Values:
Guiding Principles for Excellence

At Surfaces Furnishing Group, our commitment to excellence is anchored in a set of core values
that define who we are and guide every aspect of our work.


We embrace creativity and innovation, constantly
pushing the boundaries of design to bring fresh
perspectives and imaginative solutions to every project.


Our dedication to impeccable craftsmanship is
unwavering. We take pride in delivering products
and spaces of exceptional quality


Our focus on sustainable practices, from eco-
friendly materials to energy-efficient solutions,
reflects our dedication to minimizing our environmental footprint.

Milestones in Excellence:

A Journey by the Numbers

Discover the remarkable impact of Surfaces Furnishing Group, where
achievements are measured not just in numbers but in the countless stories
of satisfied clients, finished projects, unwavering quality assurances, and 28
years of dedicated practice.


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Quality Assurance



Finished Projects


Years of Practice

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